Five Things to Do At Hilton Doubletree Marjan Island

Dubai is a dream county for tourists nowadays. It is now hosting national as well as international tourists with best luxuries and facilities. Name of hilton doubletree marjan island is a best example for the people. This place is very attractive for its natural beauty and outstanding comfort. Tourists visiting this island are guaranteed to enjoy top services for enjoyment.

450 meters of private beaches:

These beaches have been dedicated for the couples and families looking for a separated recreational area. These white sandy beaches seem more beautiful and attractive especially when there is no one to interrupt. Tourists can book this amazing facility to produce a memorable surprise for the families.

Swimming pools:

You can enjoy swimming in crystal clear cool water at beaches but there are standardized swimming pools for guests staying at the hotels. These swimming pools have been managed using the international standards such as water depths and pool lengths. Separate pools are present for the kids. All these pools have temperature control systems to offer a pleasant experience.

Fitness points:

Doubletree presents best fitness centers in this area. These fitness points have been equipped with the modern machines by Technogym.

Fun areas for kids:

There are several points where kids can enjoy fun activities. They can make new friends, play games and swim. There are different grounds where kids can enjoy football, volleyball and table tennis.

Ladies only spa:

Men can find spa facilities everywhere but Doubletree presents Ladies Only Spa which is an amazing option for women. This point is only for the women looking for body massage, hair salon, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and much more.

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